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vertical blinds

A great range of vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds are our most popular choice simply because they give greater control of natural sun light . There are no restrictions when it comes to Vertical Blinds, so they are a great option to cover any window size, patio doors and conservatory’s.

Vertical Blinds are very easy to use, the functions include, tilting of the blinds to manage direct sun light, drawing the blinds completely to one side to expose the full window or to split the fabrics from the centre, giving you a curtain style opening.

All Vertical blinds are manufactured with our quality made to measure slimline head rails. We then manufacture each slat by cutting and sewing them using the latest machinery. We also provide our customers with a few extra slats per window free of charge, this is simply to help you maintain the perfect look for years to come. Our extensive collections of fabrics range from the best of brand such as Fabricbox, Lovelite, Luxaflex Railux, Solas, Sunwood and more.

We have over 100 fabrics of Vertical Blinds, this includes modern patterned designs and plains from whites and creams to more bolder colours, such as red, green, purple, blue etc. Whatever colour you require, we have it all.

Our fabrics are manufactured from approved safety standard materials, which provide the necessary coding and specification for the fabrics. This includes Dimout Rating, Blackout Rating, Fire Retardant, Waterproof, Wipeable, Washable etc. This will be advised to you during the point of sale.

Optional Extras

We have different types of stylish chain operating systems to complement the fabric you choose. This can be added to either side of the blinds and is used to operate the blinds. We can also add the stylish chains to the bottoms of the builds to attach the weights together and completely finishes off a great look.

Why buy from mona Blinds?

If you go to a traditional blinds shop, you’ll be paying in part for the privilege of walking into a bricks-and-mortar retail shop. And, that might be all well and good, but why pay for something from which you won’t really benefit from?

At Mona blind, we don’t have shops or large stores to look after or upkeep, which means we save.  But, rather than keep those savings to ourselves, we like to pass them onto our customers. It’s why, when people look where to buy blinds online, they inevitably end up on these very pages!

Pick your size, and we’ll deliver – fast

All you need to do is pick your preferred style of vertical blinds, and we’ll deliver it to you super fast with fitting.

You won’t have to leave your home – it’s by far the best way to buy vertical blinds and ensures you don’t blow your budget.

Our friendly team knows everything there is to know about blinds, therefore if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for or need some assistance in choosing the right vertical blinds for your home or business, just get in touch today and we’ll gladly help.


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