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Roller blinds are very popular within commercial properties, from installations in restaurants, bars and night clubs to small business and schools. There are also becoming increasingly popular within residential properties, in particular to patio doors. Roller blinds are one of the basic blinds but do offer a clean, modern finish to any room. They give great light control by either completely rolling up the blind giving full exposure to natural light or using the screening out option for privacy.

A great range of roller blinds

We have an impressive portfolio of over 100 Roller Blind fabrics, including plains and patterned designs to suit any interior design. Each fabric comes with its own identity code stating its features including Dimouts, Blackouts, Fire Retardant, Wipeable and Waterproof rating.

At Mona Blinds we manufacture on own Roller Blinds in the UK. The materials used are sourced from approved manufactures ensuring the quality is of a high standard. We use either wood poles or aluminium tubing in which the material is rolled along with an integrated mechanism so the blinds can be raised or lowered to the necessary level. We have the latest equipment to manufacture quality Roller blinds which ensures a long life, a great finish and allows us to offer our very own guarantee.

Optional Extras

We have a range of chain-operated systems that can be applied to your blinds during the manufacturing process. This can match the colour of your blinds to give it an attractive finish. The drop bar that weighs the fabric down can also be finished off with optional extras, this enhances the finish greatly depending on the option you choose.

Why buy from mona Blinds?

If you go to a traditional blinds shop, you’ll be paying in part for the privilege of walking into a bricks-and-mortar retail shop. And, that might be all well and good, but why pay for something from which you won’t really benefit from?

At mona blind, we don’t have shops or large stores to look after or upkeep, which means we save.  But, rather than keep those savings to ourselves, we like to pass them onto our customers. It’s why, when people look where to buy blinds online, they inevitably end up on these very pages!

Pick your size, and we’ll deliver – fast

All you need to do is pick your preferred style of blinds, and we’ll deliver it to you super fast with fitting.

You won’t have to leave your armchair – it’s by far the best way to buy blinds and ensures you don’t blow your budget.

Our friendly team knows everything there is to know about blinds, therefore if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for or need some assistance in choosing the right blinds for your home or business, just get in touch today and we’ll gladly help.

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