Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are becoming more popular than ever. Many customers have chosen to go with the Perfect Fit Blinds as they are very practical. They can be fitted to any size double glazed windows and are also used on French doors and in conservatories. The options for Perfect Fit are quite broad as you can choose the type of styles i.e. pleated and Venetians. They come in a variety of colours and we have options for Dimout and Blackout.

Our made to measure Perfect Fit Blinds are made from aluminium, we carefully manufacture the frame to fit your window and then start the manufacturing process for the blinds to fit inside the frame. Once complete, the blinds come as one unit we then transport them to your property for installation. Installation is straight forward as no drilling is required and no screws are used, we simple attach brackets within the rubber sealant and glass and then attach the Perfect Fit frame to the brackets.

Optional Extras

Perfect Fit Blinds come in a white frame to match most double glazed window frames, However if you require another colour, we can add this to your requirements and have it coloured to match your windows.

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